Advertising is costly. That will be confirmed by every web shop owner or marketing manager. So before you put those expensive euros into an AdWords or Facebook campaign, you may want to examine first whether you can no longer turn existing visitors into a customer. Source: Statista There is still a world to win. As many as 97% of web shop visitors decide not to make a purchase . A worldwide average that has been stable for a number of years. The conversion rate of my website is: How do you ensure a higher conversion rate on your webshop? To answer that question, I have called in the help of e-commerce experts such as Mark van den Berg (Marketing & Partners Spotler Manager ), Desiree van der Horst (Fingerspitz), Anthony Ng Monica (CEO Swogo Limited ), Iris Kuijpers (Senior Behavior). Designer, BuyerMinds ), Jaap van Baar (co-owner Wiqhit ) & Frans Jan Boon (owner Add to Friends ). Together with them, I give you 17 handy conversion tips for your webshop that still work well in 2018: # 1 One size fits none Source: Jack Corbett “Sorry, Mr. Elephant, we do not sell a size XXXXXL.” It is an illusion to think that you make that 97% a customer. Many of your visitors are simply not or hardly convertible. Frans Jan Boon therefore recommends setting priorities: “Segment your visitors and customers before you start; one size fits none. ” With tools such as Google Analytics you can pick out the most interesting groups. For example, regularly returning customers or visitors who enter a search term with a high conversion rate. But of course the classic buyer personas are also important. Know what your 4 or 5 most important types of customers are and how you approach them. Reading tip: Content Marketing Trends 2018 # 2 Identify where things go wrong in the customer journey If your webshop is a physical store, then it is often above average during checkout. But according to Jaap van Baar, that is certainly not the only time to pay attention to in the customer journey: “Record the behavior of your visitors and optimize your interior and walkways.” CoolBlue, for example, found out why they were returning so many built-in dishwashers last fall. Continue to measure where and why (for this you will sometimes have to use surveys, customer interviews or test panels) visitors leave your web shop and find solutions faster to increase the conversion. Desiree van der Horst : “Make sure your checkout process is as easy as possible, such as a guest checkout (unfortunately often forgotten), on mobile opening the right keyboard (digits by postcode / tel nr) and the autocomplete of your Please also show why you need certain information, why should I leave my phone number? Will I be contacted by some smooth seller? ” Reading tip: The use of video in the customer journey # 3 E-mail is still working fine Source: Spotler National E-mail Survey 2017 Mark van den Berg: “One of the oldest online channels in the world still ensures a lot of conversion in the webshop.” “The National E-mail Survey 2017 shows that: 85% of the more than 2,000 surveyed Dutch people have subscribed to new newsletters in the past year. The main reason for 69% of respondents to do this is to receive advertising . And ultimately 75% of all Dutch people made a purchase at least once in a webshop in the past year as a result of a mailing of that webshop. ” Leestip: Gamification makes e-mail marketing relevant (and fun!) # 4 Abandoned shopping baskets Beware: not suitable for the sensitive entrepreneur Mark van den Berg: “Simple and still very effective is the abandoned shopping cart campaign.” “The trigger is in this: you place all sorts of things in your shopping cart, but leave the shop without paying. After X time, the webshop in question automatically sends an e-mail to that person with the message: we have something waiting for you in your shopping cart. ” On average 78% of all shoppers leave their shopping cart behind without converting. “On average 78% of all shoppers leave their shopping cart without converting, but an abandoned shopping cart campaign ensures that on average 20% of those shoppers still place the order according to figures from the Data & Marketing Association among American Retailers.” What actually causes people to not complete their order? Often it involves high costs or a complicated ordering process . Here you can respond with an abandoned shopping cart campaign: Source: Boldking (featured by Spotler) For example by offering an extra discount, such as razor blade supplier Boldking with a bit of humor. Or by simply asking if and how you can help to complete the order. Reading tip: Webshop conversion: leaving shopping baskets # 5 Social proof – make sure you can really prove it Source: Coolblue Not every shop has the same number of recommendations, Facebook fans or awards as CoolBlue. But the principle of clearly visible social proof on every page can also be – correctly – taken over as a smaller player. Source: Meal deliverer HelloFresh uses tweets as a recommendation Source: Bloomon (subscription to flowers) prefers to use Instagram Iris Kuijpers: “Boost the motivation to convert with persuasion tactics. Show, for example, that others do it too. ” Source: Fixico Social Proof comes in many shapes and sizes – reviews, recommendations on social media, user numbers, media reports, etc. Source: De Speld about the fake reviews of singer Dotan Make sure it is verifiable social proof. External parties such as Client stories , Kyioh and The Feedback Company can help you with this. Oh, and fake reviews of your own products or services are of course always out of the question … # 6 Give a temporary discount Source: At Coolcat it happens to be just the last day of the sale What according to Iris Kuijpers also works well is a temporary discount on your products: “With this you create the necessary scarcity.” Source: wants you to decide quickly Make sure that your discounts remain somewhat credible. Webshops that come with a countdown popup as standard quickly lose the trust of their (returning) visitors. # 7 Automatic recommendations Source: Zalando would like me to buy an extra shirt Mark van den Berg: “By implementing recommendation software within your e-commerce platform, you can always make the right recommendations based on buying and clicking behavior and profile building.” “Forrester’s 2015 survey shows that 10 to 30% of all e-commerce sales in the US are attributable to (product) recommendations. Seems useful to experiment with when you run a web shop. ” # 8 Engage the conversation with your customers Source: Health2work with a live chat popup Jaap van Baar: “Challenge visitors to interact. Just like the seller who kindly says good-bye to you. ” A solution that I see using a lot of webshops is live chat. You can potentially increase the conversion rate enormously, but then someone with a sense of business must respond within 1 minute . Otherwise, live chat might do more harm than good . The above conversation with Health2Work is a good example of how it should be done. ‘Ergonomic advisor’ Lysanne starts the conversation herself, reacts immediately and proactively asks questions. # 9 Do not let your visitor just leave Source: offers to mail your shopping basket Jaap van Baar: “Stand by if someone is about to leave. Actively respond to an exit intent or inactivity. Show contact details or good arguments to get someone over the line. ” Web texts that convert? Try CopyRobin for free. Now place a test assignment # 10 Bundle your offers Source: Media market – why not also MS Word and a mouse pad with your laptop? Anthony Ng Monica: “E-commerce has made prices transparent. Customers can easily compare them online and they will therefore always expect the lowest price from your webshop. ” “By making smart use of package offers, you can regain some of your margin. For example, by combining products where your customers mainly compare the price with accessories on which you can earn higher margins. ” “A good example of this is the Media Markt. With the smart bundles of Swogo, they have put together a lot of bought packages that automatically combine laptops (5% margin) with, for example, mouse mats, Office packages and antivirus software (margin of up to 70%). ” # 11 Correct tone of voice Source: YoungCapital – Your first day of work is in your head Iris Kuijpers notes that it makes much difference to how you approach your customers: “Think from the user and not from the organization. Use the right tone of voice. “That it is not easy to find exactly the right tone, that’s what I wrote about in my blog about SEO texts . Sometimes you need more than 1 tone of voice for different customer segments. YoungCapital employment agency, for example, appeals to their students and starters with trendy Vice-like articles and moving GIFs. Source: YoungCapital – for employers But the employers are addressed with ‘U’. # 12 Emphasize the local element Source: Belsimpel calls it real stores Jaap van Baar: “Local is more personal. Therefore, use local elements in your webshop, such as clearly displaying contact details or showing shops in the neighborhood. ” # 13 Convert as early as possible Source: Unsplash – you have the attention, now continue! According to Frans Jan Boon , after mapping the customer journey, you have to do the following: “Ensure that you are relevant in all phases so that your visitors can convert as early as possible in their customer journey.” # 14 ‘Unsubscribing is super simple’ Source: Kruidvat emphasizes that it does not resell data Iris Kuijpers: “Make the desired behavior (conversion!) As simple as possible. Remove all possible barriers from the target group. For example, indicate that you can easily undo the conversion (such as registering for a newsletter). ” Leestip: Marketing Automation Trends in 2018 (including how to automate your e-mail marketing) # 15 Data> Hypothesis> Testing Thanks to this experiment , Wistia received 15% more video uploads. Finally, Frans Jan Boon has 3 closing remarks about how to increase the conversion rate on your webshop: “Never change anything without testing (A / B), never do an A / B test for gut feeling without hypothesis, and never postulate a hypothesis without thorough (data) analysis.” Reading tip: Testing ideas for E-commerce and retail sites # 16 First focus on existing customers Also, according to Boon, you can best focus on existing customers first: “Do not forget to increase your conversion percentage, instead focus on improving the customer experience and increasing the lifetime value of your customers.” # 17 Do not blindly follow this list Source: Unsplash And finally, perhaps the best tip of the whole list. Frans Jan Boon : “Ignore all ‘best practices’; these are ‘past practices’ that do not necessarily apply to your webshop. ” Bonus tips Desiree van der Horst : “Of course, you can also provide convenience in shipping – terrible if you can not choose options – I want to decide where, when & at what time I can have my package delivered – and not Saturday between 08.00 – 16.00, but between 08.00 – 10.00 etc. ” and “Invest in good photos”, says D esiree van der Horst finally. “Especially for luxury products, if people would see this in the store, what would they want to feel, see? Make sure the textures, motifs & colors are clearly visible!” Optimize web texts? CopyRobin arranges it. Try now for free Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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