Attention marketers! The new privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation , will soon take effect. That is probably already with a big red cross in the business agenda. Logically, because the new AVG has a big impact. Not only on how you collect and use data in the future, but also on your current – with blood, sweat and tears gathered – mailing list. Is your mailing list AVG-proof or do you have to start all over again? Time to find out … Your mailing list: who can stay? Customers who purchase products or services from you and receive an invoice for this, may continue to send you newsletters. Or how that is very nicely said: you can continue to approach them for commercial purposes. But watch out! There is a snake in the grass. The message can only focus on comparable services and there must be an easy writing-off option. That is good to do, because you only have to place a line at the bottom of your newsletter with “No longer receive these mails? Click here to unsubscribe directly. ” Guilty until proven otherwise For the rest of your contacts on your mailing list you really have to prove that they consciously opted for this with an opt-in. So make sure you know … • How, • true, • when and • for which products or services you got permission for sending mailings. If this is clear, you can continue to send e-mails. If there is no proof or doubt, you ask them permission again or should you delete them … But do not worry. With our handy tips you approach your contacts with a fascinating message and your mailing list becomes AVG-proof. Win win. Is your organization ready for the AVG in time? # 1 Update your current mailing list actively Approach all those people on your list about who you have doubts about whether the opt-in is clear. Write a catchy title with a convincing text why they should not miss your mailings. Communicate very clearly ” what’s in it for them “. That is what it is all about. Create a sense of urgency. Emphasize that they have to take action quickly because otherwise you can not send them valuable tips or interesting offers. # 2 Nice discount or free product when you subscribe to your mailing list Give away something valuable as a thank you for the registration. For example a free e-book or a really interesting whitepaper. Just subscribing to a newsletter does not appeal to everyone. What everybody is crazy about? Discount! Connect a nice discount, free product, service or interesting download to the subscription for the newsletter. Please state clearly that the person is simultaneously subscribing to the newsletter. Because you can not use an e-mail address that you collect without a clear opt-in for the newsletter. For example: “Get a free E-book packed with growth tips for your company if you subscribe today for our monthly entrepreneurial tips.” # 3 Go full of energy on social media Access your followers via your social media channels with a striking status update, video, tweet or a private message. Be distinctive, relevant and striking. Good to know: private messages have the highest opening percentages. Convince your followers to sign up for your interesting, incredibly valuable e-mails. Again: communicate from their advantages! Avoid the “We of WC duck” (recommend WC duck) effect. # 4 Update your Call To Action (CTA) Be clear what you expect from your visitor and make it easy to take this action. Take them by the hand and lead them towards an entry. Walk through your website critically. Do you have a catchy CTA on every page? If not, now is the time to add it. If you do have a CTA, adapt it so that visitors are specifically asked to register with you for interesting updates and offers. Add a clear sense of urgency to this and clearly state exactly what they are registering for. Tip: do not forget to tell how often they will receive something. Professional support with your e-mail marketing? Loyals helps you on your way # 5 Install a pop-up Install a pop-up that actively calls people to sign up. Make clear to visitors why they should do this and exactly what it will bring them. Make the pop-up visually super attractive and easy to click away, because otherwise it irritates and visitors leave immediately. Tip: also test directly how the pop-up looks on a phone screen. # 6 Immediately approach (potential) customers Do you have physical locations where you meet customers, such as shops or at a trade show? Then make a chat with them and actively ask your visitors to sign up for your mailing list. The advantage? They already know you personally. If there is a good click, it is more likely that they want to do something for you. Also nice taken: these are probably people who already have an interest in your product or service. # 7 Conduct a killer online campaign with AdWords or Facebook ads Google AdWords and Facebook ads are still data powerhouses and give you unimaginable options to approach your target audience. Organize a campaign purely aimed at expanding your mailing list. Do you choose AdWords? Make sure you do a good keyword research first. # 8 Arrange a good marketer and copywriter All actions above are in order to persuade potential customers to register for your mailing list. That means that you need very good and catchy texts. If you are not such a writer’s talent yourself, hire someone who can. That investment pays for itself. Writing effective mailings? Try CopyRobin. Now place a free trial Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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