Although it has been possible for companies to use Google Posts since June 2017, few entrepreneurs actually do it. In fact, hardly anyone has even heard or read about it. In this article I will therefore discuss the possibilities of Google Posts, how you can create them and why that can be worthwhile. What are Google Posts? Google posts are actually (mini) blogs that a Google My Business administrator can write and link to his company page. You can actually compare it to your own blog on your website. You can publish content about current news items or related articles about your services, products or milestones. I use Google Posts Alternative for website blog? It’s no secret that Google, with all its functionalities like Google My Business, Shopping, Hours, Google Maps and so on, makes the company website less and less essential. The Google Posts functionality seems to be an alternative to the website blog. But then with a big difference: your website blog stays online as long as you want, but a Google Post only stays online for a week. Then it is automatically removed. Please note: the content published through Google Posts will only remain online for a week. Reading tip: Making a blog: Do it yourself or outsource it? When are Google Posts interesting for your business? The question is therefore to what extent Google Posts are useful for your business. If you do not have a company website (yet), but still want to be online a bit, then the Google Posts already offer a solution. But in general, Google Posts are especially interesting when your situation meets the following two conditions: # 1 You are mainly active locally for consumers Google Posts are especially suitable for entrepreneurs who operate locally and in particular serve consumers. # 2 You can trigger your target group directly Google only shows Posts to people searching for your business name. In this way you reach a target group that is already somewhat ‘warm’ and knows what your company is doing. In short, you no longer need to warm them up in a Google Mail, but you can immediately trigger them with call-to-action buttons to visit certain pages, buy a product or highlight an event. So keep this in mind when drafting a post. When are Google Posts not interesting for your business? For national or international B2B companies, Google Posts are generally less interesting. Reading tip: writing SEO texts: That’s how you really get it How do Google Posts appear in Google? Below you can see how these posts in Google look like. I created a new post for our own web design agency (WebNexus). As soon as you search for our company name, the Google Post will appear as follows: Example Google Posts on mobile Example Google Post on desktop How do you create a Google Post? It is fairly easy to create a Google Post. Below is a brief description of the step-by-step plan: Go to the Google My Business page: Then choose ‘Create post’ Here you can choose what kind of post you want to write. You can choose an event, highlighting an offer (with discount codes) and a lot of extra functionalities that will undoubtedly be expanded in the future. What can you use them best for? The possibilities with the Google Posts are diverse. You can use them to put a particular event or a current discount action in the spotlight or to briefly inform the visitor about a business development. For example, we would like to use them to further elucidate our portfolio or our web design services. After all, the visitor does not have to go to our website first, but can simply click on the post and then click through to our website if he is interested. It’s nice that Google also measures how many people actually clicked on the Google Post. If you also want to measure how much return such a post can provide for you, then you can work with discount codes that you only distribute via the Google Posts. You can measure the results yourself in this way. Opportunity to distinguish yourself It is fascinating to see that only a few companies fanatically use this possibility. Partly because of the fact that you frequently have to publish new items because they expire after a week, it does not appeal to many entrepreneurs actively. It is very likely that hardly any other companies use your business. In short, an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition. Chances are that hardly any other companies in your field use Google Posts. In addition, Google values ​​it if you use their products as fully as possible. Whether it actually offers many advantages for the online findability of your website is the question, but it is possible to process a clickable link in the mail. If you want to increase the indexing speed of a certain page, then processing a link in the post may be the answer. Reading tip: Google Search Console for marketers If you have questions or additions to this article, then I would like to see them in the comments below 🙂 A fresh Google Post every week? She writes CopyRobin for you. Place a free trial Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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