It seems so simple in this digital world. There are fewer and fewer limits and products are available worldwide. With a website or webshop you can easily reach your target group across borders. Enough opportunities for organizations with international ambitions. To sell successfully across borders, it is important that you speak the language of your foreign customers. To really appeal to them, good translations and cultural nuances are crucial. If you know how to touch your customers, you have more success. And that does not work with a general English website – aimed at everyone, because nobody really feels addressed then. Translation blunders There are plenty of apps to help you translate texts. These are becoming smarter, but are certainly not flawless. The human input, or human touch, always makes translations better. Even big brands, however, sometimes forget this and they often find it expensive. Get fat Nike had put a special edition for the Chinese new year on the market for its Air Force 1 shoe. On the heels of one shoe was the Chinese character 發 (‘fa’) and on the other the character 福 (‘fu’). Apart from each other, these signs mean ‘prosperity’ and ‘happiness’. They were shown next to each other on the shoes’ advertisement. In Chinese, the characters mean next to each other: ‘get fat’. Not really a message that fits the brand! Chinese people wondered on social media if there was no Chinese in this international company that could have prevented this blunder! Curling iron for a bitch Even in languages ​​that are not as complex as Chinese, it can go wrong if you do not check it. The American company Clairol released a curling iron with the name Mist Stick. The name refers to the steam with which the tongs curl. The product sold well everywhere, except in Germany. What turned out? Mist means in German manure and the German word Miststück bitch or bitch. No wonder the German women were not really jumping to buy this product! Everything in English? So it is not that easy to do well in another language. Is it better to just translate your website into English? Then you only have to translate it once and moreover everyone speaks English nowadays, right? Well no, that is actually quite disappointing. Even within Europe there are countries where people do not speak and read English so easily. Especially in countries where everything is still dubbed on television, English has not really penetrated everyday life. Think of Spain, Germany and Italy. But even in countries such as the Netherlands, where English is relatively easy to speak, everyone feels more appealed in their own language. Especially if you use small nuances, such as expressions or references to familiar people or situations. The manner of appeal also differs per country. Do you use a formal approach or do you work informally better? Does your audience feel attracted by group feeling or by individual choices? With these subtleties and the right sense of humor, you can put a smile on the face of people across the borders and really touch them. Near from afar Not every company has people with the right language knowledge. How can you ensure that you have such a translation of your website with the right nuances? You can use Fairlingo for this . Fairlingo is a platform on which you are in direct contact with thousands of native speaking translators. They can translate 1250 words per day for you. The benefits of Fairlingo are: The translators are native speakers. With more than 15,000 translators you have plenty of choice. You will immediately receive a suitable offer, thanks to smart software. Fast turnaround time: you can have 1250 words translated per day. You can use the same translator for subsequent translations. This helps for a consistent writing style on your website. A revisor checks the translations once more after the translator has delivered them. You can have the translation upgraded free of charge up to 30 days after delivery. Human touch If you want to expand internationally, it is important to have your website accurately translated. In a style that suits your company. Pay attention to time and attention, because with a good, compelling translation by a professional translation agency , your chances of international success are so much greater! Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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