LinkedIn is slightly different than most social media platforms. With LinkedIn, the profession of users is central. This is reflected in the information that people share on the platform, both in their profile and in their updates, and precisely because of this it offers other opportunities than, for example, Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Context It is good to realize that LinkedIn users mainly want to stay abreast of the professional activities of their network, take new knowledge and experience and often look for professional opportunities: New employees. A new job. New assignments. New clients. Add the above user context to the ability to focus your ads on all kinds of professional and business features and you understand the potential. The costs of advertising on LinkedIn? It is often said that advertising on LinkedIn is expensive, but actually this is not so bad. Per click you pay more than on Facebook, for example, but of course it is not only about the cost per click. Because of the specific targeting possibilities, we have several cases in which the final costs per lead or conversion are lower. For example, do you need certain officers within a specific industry? Then it pays to pay a little more for it. So let us first zoom in on the targeting options. Targeting on LinkedIn Linkedin gives you the opportunity to focus your promotions on all kinds of business data, for example: Company Name. Industry. Company size. At least as interesting are the data about people. Think of the current (and if desired previous) job title, job title or seniority, but also, for example, study direction, skills and the number of years of experience. A special option to put your target group together is based on the LinkedIn groups that people are members of. LinkedIn groups no longer play such a big role in platform, it seems, but it is good to realize that in this way you can target anyone who is a member of, for example, the group Bouwend Nederland . Incidentally, LinkedIn has recently completely redesigned the design and operation of groups, focusing more on interaction between members. So who knows, LinkedIn groups become more interesting again. Are you already a member of the Online Marketing Trends NL group that manages Mediaweb? Reading tip : Posting an article on LinkedIn: best practices Audience matching In addition to advertising based on the above selections, LinkedIn has another form of targeting that they call ‘ Audience Matching ‘. That too can be very interesting. There are three variants: Website retargeting – Promote your content to people who have already visited your website. Or – often even more interesting – specific pages of your website. With LinkedIn, it is not yet the case that you can do more advanced things, like all people who have been on your vacancy site, but have not yet responded, send a reminder. But that will undoubtedly follow soon. To do this, you have to install the LinkedIn pixel and we also advise you to do the correct cookie notification. Should you need help with this? Let us know! Account targeting – Choose which companies you want to reach by uploading a list of companies (LinkedIn advises at least 1,000, but it already works from 300 recognized companies). You can upload a list with company names and their company page on LinkedIn. You target the employees of those companies. Contact targeting – You can also upload e-mail addresses from another database to target them via LinkedIn. Here too, you must have collected the data correctly. You can not just make a list of people you would like to approach. Here too, there are at least 300 recognized profiles. Enough about the interesting targeting possibilities. But what does your advertisement actually look like? Reading tip : Social Selling 2.0 with LinkedIn Advertising products LinkedIn has two possibilities in the field of advertising in the Netherlands: Text ads. Sponsored content. Text ads on Linkedin The text ads are somewhat smaller and above all less noticeable than the sponsored content. In contrast to what the name suggests, they contain a decent image and are on the right in the sidebar or sometimes without a picture at the very top. Sponsored content on LinkedIn Sponsored content is also a somewhat confusing name, you can promote existing content, but also create a specific ad, but the promotion is always displayed in the timeline. This makes it less like an advertisement and people read such messages faster and better. We often achieve much better results with these ads in the timeline. Advertising goals Then you can choose from 3 ad goals: Forward to website This is the most used variant, it should encourage people to click through to your website. Collecting leads This form of advertising uses automatically completed forms that LinkedIn users can submit with one click. LinkedIn already compiles the information. Think of: name, e-mail, telephone, seniority level, position, company, industry, etc. Increase video views Relatively new is option to promote videos, that does what you expect: maximizing the number of views of video content. Advertise on LinkedIn Ad size: You can only opt for a video for the purpose of enlarging video viewing. For the other goals described above you can choose from: a combination of image, text and a link, but you can also choose a video. The most recent extension is a so – called carousel advertisement , or a series of images. Super useful to promote multiple products or services, tell a story or, for example, list your latest blogs. Learn more about this new form, check this blog . Need help with advertising on LinkedIn? Loyals helps you on your way Ready? No not yet! If you choose a campaign that focuses on traffic to your website, do not forget the landing page. After all, people come to this page when they click on the advertisement. The interest has been awakened, now it is important that the visitor is convinced to take action. This could for example be a registration, purchase or request. Therefore, pay sufficient attention to the optimal design of the landing page in question, so that the final number of relevant conversions is as high as possible. Ready to go! Ready to start? Do not forget to make several variants so that you can test what works best. Do you book good results or do you find it disappointing to book results? Or do you want to benefit from my experiences in setting up and optimizing? Let me know! Web texts problematic? CopyRobin helps. Place a free trial Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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