You probably agree with me that quality exceeds quantity in links to your website. Prefer a reference in that acclaimed online journal, then dozens of links on sporadic collection pages. Google thinks so too. The algorithm of the search engine is increasingly able to assess the relevance and quality of a link. Link building – the active collection of backlinks – has also become more complicated. You do not get high in the search results with only a lot of links, you also need good links. What exactly makes qualitative links? And how can you take care of this yourself? In this article, from my extensive experience with link bulking, I briefly discuss the first question (what) and longer on the second (how). I must honestly admit that not every method is just as simple. There is a lot of competition. But you can apply the first tip in this way. OK. Here we go. How important is link building for your SEO? DLLF = domain links, PLLF = page links, SM = social | Source: According to the US marketing giant MOZ, backlinks determine about half of your ranking in Google. Now you can best discuss the exact percentage – and also because of the continuous updates of the algorithm this changes naturally – but being left and staying is extremely important for your SEO . Leestip : Does linking building in 2018 still make sense? How do you get valuable links? According to some, you only need to post good content and then the references come automatically. This tactic can work best for, for example, a journalistic medium, but for an e-commerce site or an online service provider that often turns out to be a lot more difficult. Why? Because people are less likely to link to a website with a commercial character than to a journalistic medium. You then have to look for as many high-quality references as possible to your site. Time to go link collapsed. Linkbuilding is anno 2018 What are qualitative and relevant backlinks? Google assigns its own value (PageRank) to web pages to measure the authority. This is no longer publicly available. External parties such as Moz and Majestic still have tools to measure the quality of a website. So with Page Authority you have a nice indication of how well a page scores. Rule of thumb : go for a Page Authority of 30 or higher. In addition to qualitative links, you also want relevant links. As a football shop you have less of a referral from a leading medical site (high authority), then a link to a football magazine (average authority, high relevance). Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow is a great way to measure the relevance of a site on the topic you want to score on. Rule of thumb : go for a Trust Flow of 25 or higher. The importance of a natural link profile Before we go to the tips, just go for a moment: be careful with over optimization! It may seem fantastic if you already have a large number of links from relevant and qualitative websites on the exact search term in the first month of your existence (which you have probably paid for). But Google thinks this is suspicious. You get a lower ranking. It is better to build a safe and ‘natural link profile’ , in which you gradually gather backlinks from different sources with different types of link texts. Reading tip : What is a natural link profile? # 1 Your own social media Do you already have a link to your own company on your social media? And your employees? It sounds like an open door, but I am sometimes amazed at how many entrepreneurs still forget this. A small checklist for backlinks: Your bio on Twitter. Your bio on Instagram. Your bio on LinkedIn. Your business Facebook page. Google Plus (for those who still have it). # 2 Broken links Another tried and tested method is ‘broken link building’. It goes like this: Identify websites that you would like to be linked to. This can be done by looking for a relevant term and sites along the previously discussed ‘page authority’ & ‘trust flow’. The Check My Links plug-in from Google Chrome identifies links that no longer work. Are there links that refer to the type of content that you can also make on your own site? Via Link Explorer (registration required) you will find more sites that refer to this ‘broken link’. Now it’s time to approach the sites. Assign them politely to the links that no longer work. Make a suggestion for a possible replacement link to the valuable content on your own site. # 3 Experts interview People are vain creatures. When you go to the farmer with your ‘high-quality content’ few people are jumping to place a link. That suddenly becomes very different if they occur in it themselves. Bert Bokhoven – the expert pur sang of critical news site De Speld Interview an expert (someone in your industry with many followers) for an article on your website. Invest in a well-designed interview, a beautiful photo and an original perspective. Chances are that this person places a link to the article on his or her own social media and website. # 4 Become a guest in a podcast Podcasts are not as popular in the Netherlands as in America, but things are going in the right direction . It can therefore also be smart to join a relevant podcast. This can be a subject in your branch, but also a show about entrepreneurship. You can approach the creators of a podcast yourself. First of all, think carefully about what story you want to tell. ‘My business is fantastic’ is boring. Telling about the problems that you (as an entrepreneur) or your target group are struggling with is even more interesting. The audio in the podcast is not linked, but in the description you can of course ask for a valuable backlink. # 5 Post guest blog The standard method, but I still add it. Guest Blogging is still a good way to get qualitative backlinks. Be very careful that the sites you approach offer sufficient added value to the visitors. You do not have that much on spam-rich commercial blog networks. Think when you pit a guest blog with a magazine or blog also think about an original approach. Search on the relevant site what they have already published on this subject and how you can add something new for their target group. # 6 Infographics are in short supply SEO guru Brian Dean about infographics as link building strategy In this article I used an infographic from MOZ. Why? It quickly illustrates the role link building plays in your SEO, looks nicer than just text and it takes me a lot of time to create one yourself. MOZ therefore has another link (source reference) to their website. They did not have to do anything at all. You can also create useful and beautiful infographics yourself. But – as the link-building expert describes in the video above – you do not have to wait passively for other sites to take over your infographic. You can actively approach them and even offer them to write a unique introduction about your infographic. # 7 Expert in the media You may have noticed that these tips increase in difficulty. Being a recognized expert in (professional) media is not something you do from one day to the next. Yet it is one of the best long-term strategies to get valuable backlinks from highly regarded sites. A good first step is to identify journalists who write about exactly the niche you are an expert in. Respond to articles (including via LinkedIn, Twitter & your own site) with content supplement and valuable resources. Try to go for the content and not to sell your own business. Reading tip : How do you approach journalists via social media? # 8 Think of a concept Osdorp Posse introduced the word ‘fat’ in the Dutch language And finally the holy grail in the link building: come up with a whole new concept. For example, SEO expert Brian Dean invented the ‘ Skyscraper Method ‘ (in short: write the best post ever, approach sites for a backlink). A term that has been adopted over the entire internet and has given him a lot of references. Now the content is quite interesting, but especially the deliciously catchy and unique name made sure he got so many backlinks. How much time do you have for link building? Hopefully you have had something to do with the above introduction of the how and why of link building. Are there still important ways you are missing in obtaining qualitative links? Once you go deeper into link building (follow Ahrefs , LinkBuildr & Backlinko ), it turns out to be a fascinating world that is constantly in motion and in which there is a lot possible. Linkbuilden also costs a lot of time. There is a big chance that many websites that you write do not even email back. So ask yourself to what extent you want to do it yourself or to outsource your linkbuilding to an expert . For external parties, of course, first ask for a proven track record in the longer term. Need SEO texts? CopyRobin is the specialist. Place a free trial Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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