Do you have to talk about mobile trends in 2019? One of the experts in this article predicts that we will no longer mention this category separately from 2020 onwards. They are simply trends and you assume that people will use their mobile device. Mobile is in 2020 Source: What’s Happening online? 2018 Under millennials, the smartphone last year at least took over the lead position when it comes to the most used online device. Will older generations follow this example? Source: What’s Happening online? 2018 Another interesting development – which we discussed earlier in the E-commerce trends of 2019 – is that we are increasingly buying directly via our mobile phone. With the millennials as absolute forerunners, but also look at how quickly the baby boomers rise relatively (70%). Source: Ooyala Global Video Index 2018 We also prefer to watch video on mobile devices. Netflix is ​​already experimenting with mobile-only subscriptions in Asia. And then in this article we will talk about your mobile as a replacement for your wallet, your mobile as a hub for all your (personal) data, talking to your mobile via artificial intelligence, your mobile as a command center for the Internet of Things. . Children before you give them a smartphone. Source: Pexels Soon your iPhone will take the kids out of school, after preparing a delicious risotto, doing the dishes and crawling in a preheated bed with .. or no wait .. now I shoot a bit. But there are at least a lot of exciting developments ahead when it comes to mobile .. And of course I will not discuss that alone! These are the Dutch media marketing and data experts to whom I asked each and every one: What do you think will be the most important mobile trends in 2019? Martine de Meijer ( Think Online ), Melchior van Velzen , ( Fontys Hogeschool Communication ), Maarten van Ham ( 1412 Marketing & Media ), Joep Franssen ( WebNexus ), Ton Heerze ( Webton ), Remco van Meel ( Fingerspitz ), Danny Oosterveer ( Burgers’ Zoo ), Keesjan Deelstra ( SEO effect ), Wilco Verdoold ( Loyals ), Nils van der Knaap ( Sky Internet Marketing ). Here we go. # 1 Mobile only Cozy with his four. Source: Rawpixel To mention the same man and horse, it was Wilco Verdoold who stated: “This is the last time that a separate overview is made for mobile trends. After all, it is no longer a trend, but a default. ” Keesjan Deelstra does a similar observation, although he focuses mainly on the younger Dutch: “Forget Mobile first. Generation Z is Mobile only! Generation Z born first years after the year 2000, everything is only mobile. They order mobile. They get news from YouTube and use Instagram / WhatsApp on mobile. ” He gives a few tips on how to achieve this generation: – Everything mobile If something is 100 meters walk you order it online. – Social advertising works And the youngest target group is mainly on Instagram or Snapchat – Google = search – Recognize influenzaers Following the right influencers contributes to your own image. – The correct notification Notifications from apps or push notifications from progressive web apps (pwa’s) work better than old-fashioned mailing or texting. Leestip: How Reaching Gen Z is different than engaging Millennials # 2 AMP really breaks through But not everyone focuses on teenagers of course. How do you reach the general public? Joep Franssen still sees many opportunities for AMP: “In all probability, the share of mobile users in the number of Google searches will increase. This is a trend that started a few years ago. Google has created the Accelerated Mobile Pages in the past year, where only a few companies still use the opportunities. In all probability 2019 will be the year in which AMP will become the new standard and mobile and charging speed will become the new spearheads for both new and existing websites. ” Reading tip : The meaning and nonsense of Google Pagespeed # 3 Ready for the micro moment Martine de Meijer also points to the importance of fast websites: “The mobile first indexing strategy of Google is being rolled out this year, which will have a big effect on the ranking of websites. It is becoming increasingly important that your website functions properly and quickly when someone uses it on a smartphone. People will even more easily grab their cell phone to quickly find something. Organizations must respond smartly to these kinds of micro moments. ” # 4 Personalize Siri Of course, the voice trend in this article can not be missed. While the SEO trends 2019 extended over Google’s assistant and how this artificial intelligence is used, we can not forget Apple’s Siri, Melchior van Velzen , he sees as a trend: “Even more voice search, functionalities of voice search and digital assistants. Siri can now carry out certain commands for apps for the user. Through the Siri Shortcuts , which the user creates himself. We help the assistant, but you can also say that we customize, personalize the assistant. This provides space in 2019 to let us use even more functionalities. And to expand those functionalities. There will be a day when you can fully control Whatsapp via Siri. ” Incidentally, I recently tried to send an app via my headphones with voice assistant – it is not yet very usable .. Learning tip: A very good online course to make yourself Siri Shortcuts (English) # 5 Focus on YouTube (also for HR) Defense – traditionally strong in HR content Earlier in this article you already saw the graph of the enormous growth in video consumption on mobile, Maarten van Ham sees a related trend: “The most important mobile trends lie in the collaboration between well-known youtubers and producers / service providers. Getting in to another target group in a different way succeeds. For many companies, the focus of 2019 is on labor market communication and the associated marketing. In general, you can state that the HRM and Marketing department will (have to) work more closely together in 2019 to create an opportunity to prevent the intake problems. ” # 6 Pay with your phone Of course, the technology has been around for a while (NFC), but in 2019 will we also be embracing the payment of your smartphone en masse? Wilco Verdoold : “If you hack, it is already possible, but in 2019 it will be rolled out further: pay with the chip in your phone. It is rumored that several banks are already testing, but the KPNs of this world are also looking at a possible role to support payments. ” Remco van Meel : “using your mobile for payments. I expect the technology to develop in such a way that by 2019 many more payments will be made via mobile, and in the near future also the bank cards, credit cards and the OV Chip card will be replaced. ” # 7 M-commerce conversion optimization And then there is of course that other pay with your phone, namely online. According to Ton Heerze , there are opportunities especially in the field of conversion optimization for mobile at web shops: “Meanwhile, more than half of the internet traffic takes place via mobile devices. This means that mobile users are also strongly represented in e-commerce. The market for m-commerce (mobile commerce) is also growing at a rapid pace . China plays a pioneering role in this area, but also in the Netherlands, purchases are increasingly being made via the smartphone. The challenge for online retailers in 2019 is mainly to improve the somewhat disappointing conversion rate on mobile. ” Texts for your mobile customer? Try CopyRobin. Place a free trial # 8 Fingerprint scanner under screen Then to the department of exciting technical gadgets, Nils van der Knaap comes in: “We now know that you can unlock your smartphone with your fingerprint. You do not have to enter a password every time you want to look at your phone. Nevertheless, the location of this position remains a challenge. Now the fingerprint scanner is still placed somewhere in the housing. “With the arrival of a fingerprint scanner that has been processed in the screen, we can expect that the design of the new smartphones will become even tighter. In addition, you no longer have to search with your finger for the location of the fingerprint scanner, which increases the user friendliness. ” # 9 Mobile as a hub for your data & transactions Such developments also ensure that we are increasingly relying on our phone, says Wilco Verdoold : “Your mobile is increasingly becoming the key to your data and transactions. What started with sending an SMS as an (extra) check for security, in the last few years authentication with a specifically generated variable code became increasingly common with an app such as Google Authenticator. But the movement continues: fingerprint and face recognition increase safety and make it easier to pay safely. ” “More and more applications are going to use such functionality to communicate more easily and securely.” # 10 Mobile for your personal data Wilco Verdoold : “In 2019 your mobile will increasingly become the data hub for your personal data. From your heartbeat to your sleep and oh yes: the number of steps you still have to take to stay fit, of course. But also other so-called Internet of Things (IoT) devices communicate more and more easily with your mobile. ” # 11 Mobile as an IoT hub Always see who is ringing – obviously bought by Google Ton Heerze : “Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon that describes how devices exchange data with each other via the internet. In many cases these are mobile devices. Turning on the heater remotely with your phone before you come home or on an app to see how many steps your activity tracker measured today: IoT makes it all possible. In 2019, more than 8 billion IoT devices will be in use and this number is expected to grow more and more quickly. ” # 12 Extra processor for AI & AR Interesting presentation on augmented reality (if you have a moment) Mobile like this, mobile for that, can that mobile handle all of that? Nils van der Knaap explains how the hardware is getting better: “Smartphone manufacturers are busy developing processors that are specially made for processes such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual or Augmented Reality. This processor runs next to the “normal” processor, making the phone a lot more efficient and more complicated tasks can. In practice this means better results for digital assistants, face recognition and heavier apps. ” # 13 Progressive Web Apps This is a trend that you will see over several articles and that you should not miss out on these mobile trends. Remco van Meel : “In 2019, the technology will continue to develop so that apps will be offered via a browser instead of a native app. This creates more unity because you then only have to maintain one platform as a company. This will improve update cycles and security. ” Leestip: Progressive web apps: what do you stop? # 14 Creativity in design is allowed again Source: Hyves – Rest in Peace Danny Oosterveer sees an interesting turnaround: “In the early days of the internet, designs from websites went all the way. I still remember websites of, for example, De Telegraaf (a kind of copy of the newspaper) and TMF (lights, gifs, life is a big party). How different is that now. ” Do you still know whether you are on the websites of The Economist, The Guardian, Marketingfacts or Emerce? ” “In particular with the rise of mobile and thus the responsive web design, websites increasingly chose the same elements, in order to increase the recognisability of UX elements. Good for ease of use, but a death blow for creativity. Do you still know whether you are on the websites of The Economist, The Guardian, Marketingfacts or Emerce? ” “I foresee that the tide will turn in 2019 and we will gradually see that websites will distinguish themselves again, through the right mix of creativity and conformity.” # 15 Smartphone as a gaming device Nils van der Knaap : “Games have been popular on the smartphone for years. With the increased processor power, the games are also more advanced. For example, the popular 3D shooting game Fortnite can also be played on mobile. Republic of Gamers (part of Asus) even brings a smartphone entirely aimed at gaming on the market. ” # 16 Conclusion: More, more, more (or a bit less?) With the ‘Digital Welfare’ app, Google wants to tackle phone addiction If you have already discovered a red line in this article, it is mainly more, more & more smartphone use and applications. But of course you also see a counter-movement. Wilco Verdoold thinks of this as follows: “In recent years we talked mainly about the fact that more and more time is being spent on mobile since the last updates of Android and iOS more and more attention is paid to the more conscious handling of your screen time. The idea: by making transparent how often and how much you do with your mobile, you can choose to watch less often or use your phone less often. ” “I think most people will not succeed.” “Need some encouragement? Read Deep Work – or the Dutch translation Deep Work – Working with attention in a world full of distractions . Recommended for people who see through the user reports of their mobile phone that they do use their mobile often and often. ” So far these 16 most important mobile trends that 10 Dutch experts identified for 2019. Do you agree with them? Do you miss important developments? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Support for your mobile strategy? Call Loyals Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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