Very nice all that clean minimalistic design, but are not we just a bit advanced? According to one of the experts in this article, you sometimes hardly notice what website you are on. He predicts that web design will become more distinctive again in 2019. Blogs on Emerce, Medium & Quartz with clean minimalist design At the same time, there are the tough requirements that a mobile-first website must meet. Designers are no longer on an island within the company, but must actively participate in interaction and conversion. And perhaps AI – artificial intelligence – will help them in 2019. Because why only keep one color or design if each individual visitor can be persuaded in another way? Is there already a role for smart new tools? I will take a close look at this article in this article. In addition, there are of course a lot of exciting trends when it comes to typography, (own!) Visuals and color. Of course I do not do that alone. Together with these 7 webdesign experts: Etienne van de Boel ( Fingerspitz ), Ton Heerze ( Webton ), Joep Fransen ( WebNexus ), Danny Oosterveer ( Burgers’ Zoo ), Remco van Meel ( Fingerspitz ), Tim Beekhuis ( Loyals ), Robert Joosen ( Loyals ) I discuss the trends for the coming year. # 1 Mobile-first A UX must: Large buttons on your mobile menu. Source: Hubspot We start with the trend of trends, since Google has rolled out its mobile-first index last year – and we are more and more online on our smartphone – you can also read this for example at the SEO Trends 2019 and the e-commerce or content marketing trends . Remco van Meel : “Mobile has already defeated desktop traffic in 2018, so more and more companies will have to work on their mobile-first strategy. Things like speed and responsive / adaptive design are becoming increasingly important. ” Reading tip: 21 of the Best Examples of Mobile Website Design # 2 Brand and design on a line But the smartphone is of course not the only thing you design for. Also do not forget desktop, tablet and offline expressions. How do you ensure that everything remains a whole? And how do you ensure that it is ‘own’? Etienne van de Boel : “It is becoming increasingly important that a brand or website has a striking design that fits together as a whole and conveys your ideas. I still see many wrongs that do not fit together, whereas in my view this is the beginning of a design. ” He gives a number of tips: Are you an organization that helps people? Then choose, for example, rest, soft colors, round letters. Does your organization provide loans online? Then make sure that there is urgency, brighter colors and confidence. Design for 50 €! Even though 500,000 others have it. Source: Themeforest “Many of the identity errors are caused by companies taking a” simple WordPress template “or choosing cheap website builders. DOM! Invest just a little more in your identity (or spend it) and in the long term this will pay off! ” “Incidentally, this reminds me of Royal Club. ‘Just do a Design ..’. Do not be a boring Design! ” Leestip: How to select the right internet agency for your new website # 3 Design in the service of conversion A mobile-first and distinctive design. But only ‘for the beauty’ you certainly should not do that, put several experts. Joep Fransen : “The past year was the year of the flashy features. Never before have you seen so many sliders and ‘fancy’ features, such as indented photos and other distracting factors that often have a negative impact on loading speed and the conversion rate. We no longer seem to know what to do to impress the customer and forget the visitor. A frustrated visitor does not buy and leaves the website before you even have the chance to show your product to him. ” We no longer seem to know what to do to impress the customer. “I think this trend will be broken in 2019 and web designers will pay more attention to what really matters: how to increase the conversion rate of a website. In short, how do you ensure that a company receives more offers or sells products. A website serves a higher purpose and a few flashy sliders do more than benefit. Within web design, this means that we will go back to an elegant, quiet website where ‘less is more’ will become the leading thread. ” Etienne van de Boel : “Whereas in the past design was mainly in favor of web builders & front-end, I see an increasing overlap with the online marketing world. Happy.” “Within the online marketing CRO or conversion optimization is an important part. Design is a crucial part of that. Whether or not to convey your message visually to your target audience! ” # 4 Soberer web design Brightly colored buttons past tense? Source: Hema Of course, experts do not have to agree with each other. Where one predicts a wilder time, the other sees more minimalism: Ton Heerze : “Old wisdom in the field of web design and conversion optimization prescribes that important elements on a website should stand out. Although this theory still stands, its implementation in 2019 becomes a little more reserved. ” “The average website visitor is somewhat tired from busy moving arrows towards registration forms and the associated brightly colored call-to-action buttons. Users now prefer a clean and minimalistic design as they know from many mobile applications. In 2019 important buttons are therefore increasingly transparent (except of course with a mouse-over) and the amount of text and graphic elements on web pages is limited. ” Kwa webdesign we are going in 2019 # 5 Visuals First Remco van Meel sees that texts on websites are becoming less dominant: “An image says more than 1000 words, and that is going to include more and more search engines. Videos, choice aids, chat bots and images will increasingly dominate websites, and text will become more of an accompanying role. ” # 6 Text first Source: Xavier Bourdil Also a ghostwriter for your blog? Try CopyRobin. Place a free trial And Robert Joosen sees the use of text as an attractive visual element as a (partly) opposite trend: “We are going to use text to make the message clear: photography and graphics are replaced by the textual message. This too is a response to the need to be more distinctive. Some examples: Simplxr , Duhaihang , Xavierbourdil . # 7 From conform to creative TMF – when web design was still ‘nice and wild’ As Danny Oosterveer mentioned earlier in this trend series, according to him, the online designs in 2019 are more exciting: “In the early days of the internet, designs from websites went all the way. I still remember websites of, for example, De Telegraaf (a kind of copy of the newspaper) and TMF (lights, gifs, life is a big party). How different is that now? ” Good for ease of use, but a death blow for creativity. “In particular with the rise of mobile and thus the responsive web design, websites increasingly chose the same elements, in order to increase recognisability. Good for ease of use, but a death blow for creativity. ” “Do you still know whether you are on the websites of The Economist, The Guardian, Marketingfacts or Emerce? I foresee that the tide will turn in 2019 and we will slowly see that websites will distinguish themselves again, through the right mix of creativity and conformity. ” # 8 Original typography Brands more often distinguish themselves with typography – Source: AirBnB One way to distinguish yourself is with typography, according to Ton Heerze : “The minimalist trend ensures that text in 2019 takes a more prominent role in the design of websites. With fewer graphical elements that divert attention, the demands that are made on text also grow. The times in which each website used a similar typographic style are also over. Text may be unique (companies such as Airbnb and IBM have even designed their own font) and should stand out anyway. In 2019 we will increasingly see complex fonts and serif fonts. ” Tim Beekhuis joins this trend and mentions a few more names of brands that introduced their own fonts: “This has been going on for a number of years with the big boys: Google, Apple, Airbnb, Dropbox , IBM, Netflix , Samsung .” # 9 Outline typography Source: GraphicMama Tim Beekhuis also sees a specific type of font becoming popular: “The combination of normal typography in combination with outline typography is coming back more and more.” Source: GraphicMama Source: GraphicMama # 10 Micro animations 5th Rue – a site full of wonderful micro-animations Robert Joosen : “One of the ways to be distinctive on the internet towards potential customers are (and remain) micro-animations. This trend has been going on for a number of years, but will continue to hold momentum in the coming year. ” “Micro-animations are visible, but at the same time inconspicuous movements that make it clear that something is changing. They direct attention to where it should be. ” “I think nice examples are: Pureemaison , and Jvebstudio .” # 11 Mondriaan is Back Source: Our own UX & UI designer Tim Beekhuis also sees that mosaic styles return all the way back to 2019: “These designs seem partly inspired by the well-known artist Mondrian.” Source: Source: # 12 Asymmetric / brutalism Offgrid design from PhotoSaintGermain Robert Joosen : “With the rise of the CSS grid, it becomes easier to create so-called asymmetric websites. Blocks and other parts are placed outside the grid and pages get the look and feel of stylish magazines. The trick is, of course, to ensure that blocks are not randomly placed anywhere. Even though there is also a current (Brutalism) that just grinds. ” Inspiration: Marchenotredame , PatrickHeng . Source: LifeAtHome.CH – part of IKEA Tim Beekhuis also sees this trend: “The opposition of slick designed websites. Brutalism gives you the feeling that it is quickly and roughly put together with large surfaces. Text in default web safe fonts and lots of black and white. But it is now being embraced by big brands who want to be a bit contrarian, like Balenciaga and Ikea is also involved. ” Inspiration: Balenciaga , Ikea , Translationllc , Funken # 13 Colorful natural organic forms Tim Beekhuis : “To weaken the straight, tight forms in web design (these are the result of how html works), you can now see a lot of round organic forms coming back.” # 14 Interaction Design Original interactive video from Bangr Etienne van de Boel mentions a very interesting trend. He states that design must be more and more interactive: “It is becoming increasingly important that a website (or a webapp) offers added value to visitors. In the end Google is focused on showing online surfers the best “experience”. A website becomes more and more interactive, by adding certain elements or even organizing the entire website. ” Make your Moodboard for a new kitchen – Source: Bruynzeel “A few strong examples are handy calculators, interactive videos with branching (nicely done by the Boldly-XR party), creating a moodboard at Bruynzeel Keukens, or a community website where EVERYTHING is focused on interaction!” “Ultimately, you offer value to your visitors. Positive consequence: a lower bounce rate, longer dwell time & focused on conversions. Google likes that. ” # 15 Own drawings Own drawings on the website of Toggl Robert Joosen : “In addition to micro-animations, the need to be distinctive and not generic is good news for graphic designers.” “Many sites use their own graphics to stand out. These can be simple drawings, but also more extensive animations. The big advantage of this is that you can steer your style very precisely. Stocks often have a different approach during the creation than the owner of the site aims at. ” Inspiration: Eatgenesis , Cuberto , Toggl , Themads, Creddy # 16 Pastel colors Tim Beekhuis : “As a counterpart to the loud bright colors, the pastel-like hues are also returning more and more. Think of pink, beige and green. ” Source: Behance # 17 Chatbots / Conversational Design Chatbot Charlie from AI platform understands my question Then the important web design trend that we also noticed last year – named by Robert Joosen : “The rollout of Chatbots to send customers to the right information will be further embraced in 2019, after the cautious start in 2018. Artificial Intelligence is a fact and websites will make grateful use of it. ” ” ASR Verzekeringen has a nice site that uses AI and there are more and more companies that offer AI for web and chat services, such as (focused on the housing market) and , which can be configured as desired . ” Reading tip: Copywriting for conversational interfaces # 18 AI Design And now that we are talking about artificial intelligence. Etienne van de Boel : “With AI and Deep Learning on the doorstep, designs will be more and better attuned to the individual visitor. The developments are astonishingly fast, from AI, which compiles entire house styles on the basis of minimal input, to machines that turn a design into a fully-fledged website or app in no time. ” “The biggest change, however, is how machines will determine how a website or elements will be shown to us. Recently I read an article about how AI can adapt text and colors to your preferences (collected based on behavior and interests). This goes pretty far, of course, but it is not inconceivable that a website will change the structure of a page to a variation with the most chance that you will complete a conversion. ” Reading tip: Will Machine Learning and AI Change Web Design? “So much was said about this on Google I / O 2018. Together with, for example,, this kind of applications are being accelerated. It is not a question of whether, but of when 🙂 ” Conclusion: as much as possible, but UX remains the guiding principle What will you do with your web design in 2019? Creative interactive pastel-colored brutalism? If you list all trends in this article, the sky seems the limit. But at the same time, the experts warn that UX user experience and, in particular, on the mobile phone – are really at the forefront. And do not forget conversion. The balance between the three remains the challenge for the coming year. Do you agree with the web design trends in this list? Are there any developments that you are missing? I would love to hear from you in the comments! From now on, to set the trends yourself? Go with Loyals Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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