The holidays are at the door. A good time to reflect on the opportunities that you can seize in 2019. Because if you see a growth spurt for next year, I challenge you to ask yourself the following … Do your creative and performance marketers really work on the same goal? Or do they create a goal of their own expertise and do they hardly participate in campaigns and results? Do your creative and performance marketers work together? In many companies I see that creative and performance marketers still work separately from each other. While when you weave these 2 expertises together, your company is boosted enormously. In this blog I tell you how to do this. CREATIVES USA PERFORMANCE MARKETEERS First we look at how organizations have ended up in the named situation. Building strong brands had the primary focus for companies in the past. This gave creatives a clear goal, namely increasing brand awareness. This objective was often created around a channel, rather than the other way around. Advertising agencies were (and are) hired to come up with impressive campaigns that are launched via TV, radio and print. The results of this traditional form of advertising, aimed at the general public, can only be measured somewhat afterwards. What’s not to love? Since performance marketing came into play, companies are suddenly able to target people on a micro level via digital channels, in the right place and at the right time. Results are almost immediately measurable and you can often adjust on-the-go. What’s not to love? Many companies have therefore increasingly invested in digital media focused on performance and have less focus on building a strong brand. The graph below with the distribution of the media budget in the Netherlands shows that more than half of the media budget will go to digital in 2017. This is still rising. Source: IAB / Deloitte The impact that you only make through performance marketing with your brand sounds too good to be true. And that is it. A British survey shows that current marketers greatly overestimate the real impact of digital marketing. Although many marketers think that the top 3 position holders are formed by TV, online video & social media, the research shows that in reality TV, radio and newspaper still contribute the most growth to your brand. Source: Ebiquity This does not mean, however, that you have to neglect the results of digital. A good marketer thinks beyond resources and understands that the use of channels is not an end in itself. It is also important to realize that the above results are the average. So they will deviate for certain target groups, including for millennials that are mainly active on new media. A good marketer thinks beyond resources and understands that the use of channels is not an end in itself. The objective of building your brand both in the short and long term is, as far as I am concerned, the focus. Repetition and recognisability of your brand are important elements in this. In addition, both creatives and performance marketers come into the picture. But how do you weave these 2 silos together for maximum results ..? Keep on reading. THE END OF SILOS The power of creatives is that they get to know the general public in their hearts. Performance marketers deliver the brand 1: 1 with a strong content strategy. My tip: combine the best of both worlds. Involve your creative in micro-targeting and challenge your performance marketer to maintain the brand in highly personalized communications. From brand monitoring it is important that the creative gives a clear debrief to the performance marketer, with a strong tone-of-voice that is applied in the personalization of the campaign. It is good to realize that in the current era you get the best results when you replace traditional linear storytelling with dynamic storytelling. The red thread that characterizes the brand is retained, but elements herein are digitally adapted for a personal message for the recipient. Because creative and performance teams are interwoven, a campaign with cross-channel marketing always remains intact. In this way, you are building a powerful brand in the short and long term. Because creative and performance teams are interwoven, a campaign with cross-channel marketing always remains intact. Whether the recipient gets to see the mass message via a billboard, or a personalized version with more or less the same message via social media. The effect of the campaign remains and is even enhanced by the repetition via various channels. Please note that breaking through the silos does not mean that the results of, for example, brand awareness and lead generation are thrown into one heap. The right thing is to determine an individual strategy for each objective and to analyze results separately. DIGITAL TV, RADIO & OUT-OF-HOME Well, and talk about traditional marketing … So traditional ‘traditional’ media are actually no longer ๐Ÿ™‚ TV, Radio and Out-of-home are all digitally possible, so that these media can also deliver personalized content to the recipient. Read here for example 2 interesting cases: ParkMobile incorporates mobile programmatic radio into their digital strategy KLM personalize audio commercial on Spotify No matter how you get used to it, all channels will increasingly be interwoven in the future. WRAP-UP So creatives, stop throwing your strong campaigns over the fence. Start by creating personalized side streets in your thread that the performance marketer can use in his campaigns. And performance marketers, stop firming strong brand-related messages by focusing solely on the direct results. And start creating a brand that also matters in the future. This way you are not only building on your results, but you can also build on the results. Plan a meeting between your creatives & performance marketers today. Channels and expertise are never the center of a successful marketing strategy. Goals around a brand do. So I would say, plan today a meeting between your creatives & performance marketers. Make sure everyone has the value proposition clear, knows the pains & gains of the target group and communicates from the core values โ€‹โ€‹of the brand. Determine the objectives and build around them only the channels that you use for this. Enjoy the ride together! ๐Ÿ™‚ Creative texts that perform? Work with CopyRobin. Place a free trial Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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