Have you had much success with your webshop on the Dutch market in recent years? But have you recently seen your growth in sales and visitor numbers starting to flatter and are you looking for a way to grow further? If you can answer the above questions with a clear ‘YES’, you are in the right place. In this blog we are talking about expanding the language offering of your WordPress website. That way you too can make the move to a foreign market. Translating a WordPress website entails a few things and, as with any decision for your company, you have to think about this beforehand. Do you want to offer your WordPress website in 2 or more languages? There are 2 options:        By means of a plug-in (free or paid)        By a professional translator (native speaker) Which option is most suitable for you and your company depends on several factors. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both options, so that you make the right choice! Translate WordPress with a plug-in Within WordPress you can download free and paid plug-ins. These are very easy to add to your website. As an example we take the most popular plug-in in the field of translation, namely WPML (WordPress Multi Language). This paid plug-in makes it possible to offer your website in a super simple way in different languages. Thanks to the built-in language changer, visitors can easily switch between the different languages ​​themselves. And that contributes to the customer experience. Due to the popularity of WPML, most plug-ins and widgets are compatible with WPML. Take Yoast SEO , for example , a favorite plug-in of many online marketers. In addition, it also offers great eCommerce potential for a web shop. With a powerful translation management and reliable support, it is good to implement in your blog or webshop. Install the plug-in and let it work. Is your website available in multiple languages? Translate WordPress with a professional translator The other option for translating your WordPress website is through a professional translator, or a translation agency. Professional translators are native speakers: it is therefore the native language of the translator or translator. As a result, he or she is perfectly capable of translating your Dutch WordPress website into the language in which you want to offer your website. What are the pros and cons of both options? Why choose a plug-in instead of a professional translator? Or vice versa? Translate WordPress: the pros and cons Every option has its advantages and disadvantages. To see which option is most suitable for your company, it is a good idea to see what you find most important and what best fits your goals and ambitions. The benefits of using a plug-in for WordPress translation: Using a plug-in, such as WPML, for the translations of your website is relatively cheap . From $ 29 it is already possible to translate texts. In addition, the translation of texts is also very fast . You will have all the translations of pages and messages ready within a few minutes. No 3rd party is needed and therefore no contact. Everything is easy to arrange yourself in the plug-in. To translate the disadvantages of using a plug-in for WordPress: To set up and the translations by means of a plug-in requires some knowledge of WordPress. Fortunately this can be learned quickly. Texts that are translated by means of a plug-in run a great risk of literal and flat translations . This causes a disturbed sentence structure and wrong word choices. This will scare off potential customers in some cultures. Do you want to make sure that your potential customers get stuck reading your texts and then proceed to the action you want? Then the translations of your texts must be completely on point. Here comes a professional translator, and especially a native speaker. Translate the benefits of WordPress with a native translator: Having native speakers translate the texts creates a translation that perfectly matches your industry and the culture of the country . Correct choice of words, professional jargon and convincing texts. Professional translators work according to ISO certifications, which means that the translated texts are of excellent quality . We look at your wishes and even better at the market that you want to enter. So you have to deal with real custom work . Professional translators and translation agencies work very regularly with WordPress websites, allowing the translator to implement the translated texts themselves. The disadvantages of translating WordPress with a native translator: Having a professional translator translate texts is more expensive than having a plug-in do this. Because yes, you simply pay more for quality. A plug-in translates texts within a few seconds, while a professional translator takes longer to do this. High quality logically takes more time. You are dealing with a 3rd party where some communication is required. With luck, the professional translator can implement the texts himself and you don’t have to worry about it. Understandable website or market? In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of both options, there is one more question that you as an entrepreneur should think about. Do people need to be able to use and understand my website in a different language, or do I want to conquer the market with my website? It is a world of difference. With a plug-in you ensure that non-native speakers can navigate, understand and read your website. For example, this may be sufficient for a blog or informational website, but perhaps not for a webshop with large plans for the future. Aspects such as use of color, language and actually the entire culture are critical parts of whether you are going to conquer the market with your website or not. What one sees as disrespectful or insulting can be very different for someone who speaks the same language but comes from a different region. A professional translator, or native speaker, is fully familiar with the language and culture of his country. This translation will therefore look very different from that of a plug-in. And it will also yield very different results. So think in advance what your goal is and more importantly what the future plans are. Get in touch with a professional translation agency Are you ready to make the move abroad, but you don’t know exactly which extension you want to do this with? Then start sparring once with a professional translation agency with experienced native speakers . They have experience with such issues and can advise you well on this. Are you not yet sure whether a translation agency fits within your budget or your company? That doesn’t have to be a problem. Most professional translation agencies are happy to provide you with a free test translation. This gives you insight into how strong the translations are and what the translation agency can do for you. Opportunities abroad are enough, waiting for them to be picked up. So don’t wait too long with that step abroad with your WordPress blog, webshop or website. Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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