Yes, of course SEO, SEA and social media are concepts that can no longer be ignored by most entrepreneurs. Those who are not involved in this, actually no longer belong. But that does not mean that offline marketing tools are completely gone. Absolutely not, even! Because promotional gifts in particular are still a very effective way to reach your target group and to keep them. Why? We show you 4 good reasons for investing, in addition to all online activity, in promotional gifts. In addition, we also have a few nice, original examples of what gifts you can use! Great effect for little money Let’s be honest: when making marketing-related choices, one of the first things we take into account is money. And after that? Next comes the effectiveness. Those who consider these things well can confirm that promotional gifts are an excellent outcome. Whether it is about binding relationships or tapping into new ones: business gifts are relatively cheap, but extremely effective! A study by The British Promotional Merchandise Association shows that no fewer than 83% of the surveyed recipients of promotional gifts have ever bought something from companies from which they had previously received a promotional gift. When asked whether respondents found promotional gifts effective, almost everyone (96%) answered with “yes”. 83% of the surveyed recipients of promotional gifts sometimes bought something from companies from whom they had received a promotional gift. Give a little, take a little Anyone who has really studied marketing knows the principles of Cialdini . This best man has listed 6 techniques with which you as an entrepreneur convince the target group. One is the principle of reciprocity . When you receive a gift, you quickly feel the social obligation to give something back. In other words: when giving away a gift, the recipient will want to do business with you faster. Can you foster this feeling with any printed or unprinted gift? No. The gift must be meaningful and the goal must be clear. The BPMA study shows that half of the respondents were able to clearly read the purpose of the gift. This therefore appears to be somewhat of a challenge. In addition to being meaningful, the gift must also be personal and unexpected if you want the recipients to “give you something back”. A gift to remember We take another look at the BPMA survey: the majority (83%) could still remember the company from which it received the gift. If you take a good approach, you as a company will stay in the receiver’s memory for a long time. For that it is crucial to come up with a useful giveaway. For example, pens are often found to be standard and not original, but are extremely useful. Every time such a gift is used, the user is reminded of the sender. And the power of repetition also does its job. To be reminded of the company, the user does not have to look very consciously at the logo every time. He certainly doesn’t. But also the unconscious touch with the logo has more effect than is often thought. Versatile Promotional gifts are perhaps the most versatile marketing tools. There are so many different giveaways to be found today. Standard, but also very original, such as speakers or power banks. But it is not only the gift itself that sets you apart from your competitors. The printing distinguishes you, perhaps because of the printing. You can have your logo printed, but also your slogan or other creative, fitting and catchy message. A really good message lingers and is sometimes even a topic of conversation at the coffee machine. When you know how to do this, you know for sure that you have used the right promotional gift. But what do you have printed? As mentioned, a pen alone can have an enormous amount of effect. But there is more than pens, keycords or mugs. You can choose how large you make it. If you want a slightly larger gift, printing umbrellas might be a good option. Really innovative? Powerbanks are doing extremely well these days, and there are also solar energy, for example! That is also a bit in the context of corporate social responsibility. A party? Then have balloons printed with, for example, your creative message. Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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