No fewer than 49% of consumers trust the recommendations of influencers. This makes influencer content one of the most powerful marketing tools available.   And we all enjoy consuming that content. As consumers, we scour our timeline in search of inspiration: what we attract in the morning, dinner in the evening and what we will do at the weekend. As a marketer you are also looking for influencers, but mainly to find out who can create the best content for your brand. After all, one influencer is not another, and that also applies to their content. As a marketer you naturally prefer to work with an influencer whose content performs well – for example with a high engagement rate, many views, a low CPE / CPV or many conversions. But what should you pay attention to? I viewed hundreds of successful influencer posts that were created in collaboration with the influencer marketing platform Join . And what turned out? They all met the following five characteristics. 1. High quality of content By far the most important characteristic of high-performing content. An eye for detail, composition, relevance and design – these posts have it all. Whether it comes to the use of color and light or the bringing together of multiple elements in one image, you will immediately recognize qualitative content. It makes you feel something. This content generally gains more views, ensures more and better brand recognition and is therefore also worth investing. Do you believe in the power of influencer content? 2. Clear product placement Strange but true: it is precisely the posts where products were clearly in focus and that there is no discussion about paid collaboration, achieving a higher commitment. We often hear negative noises: that influencers make illicit advertisements for products. For example by “sneaky” placing an item in the photo or not clearly saying that it is a sponsored item . This gives followers an annoying feeling, as if they are being fooled. From the analysis of successful posts I concluded that posts with illegal advertising usually do not perform well . The engagement rate is on average lower, and the skeptical followers experience the post as not authentic.   To ensure that product placement does become a success, one thing is very important – property number 3 … 3. Good match between brand and influencer And that is the match between influencer and brand. The content of the influencer is only relevant if careful consideration has been given to the collaboration between both brand and influencer . Take the notorious Shell post of influencer Anna Nooshin as an example of how not to do it. She posted a post in which she says it is great how small changes can make a difference. She refers to the drinking bottle in her hand, made from recycled plastic. “It helps to keep the ocean clean and create work for the people of Haiti,” she writes. Supplemented with hashtags such as #giveback and #shell. In the reactions below, her followers wonder how much she gets paid and whether she has studied the business, and they accuse her of ‘greenwashing’. “Blood money Anna” is one of the responses. Brands must therefore be selective in the influencer landscape. If they work with an influencer that really suits them, the content will perform better on the aforementioned metrics. The same applies to the influencer. Tip for influencers: do you want to guarantee the quality of your feed? Then only work with brands that really suit you, and do not yield too quickly to huge budgets of brands that you really don’t like. Example of how the match between influencer and brands does work:   4. Strong and thoughtful composition Of course a good composition contributes to the quality of a post and of course the way in which the product is portrayed is important. But something else struck me when analyzing the composition … The verticals / categories about which influencers make content. For example, in the Fashion & Style and Beauty & Make-up categories, higher engagement rates are achieved for posts where the influencer himself is in the picture. Are you active in the Food & Culinary or Interior & Design categories? Then posts work best without the influencer. A donkey bridge: when your brand or product has something to do with the influencer his or her body, you can easily involve the influencer in the post. Otherwise it might be smarter to focus on the product alone.   5. A suitable format Historical data is extremely important when choosing a format. What do you prefer from your target group: photo or video? And is your brand or product more suitable for photo or video? You can imagine a clothing brand doing very well with casual #outfitoftheday photos (“Wow! Where did you get that cool shirt?”), But that a make-up brand scores fantastic with a video tutorial by a famous influencer. When analyzing content that performed well on the aforementioned metrics, both content types came along. If we look at videos on Instagram, there were some high outliers. But if we look at the worst-performing content, they also include Instagram videos. How is that possible? Instagram videos only work when an influencer regularly posts videos. If this is not the case, it definitely has an effect on your engagement rate, among other things . You’d rather prevent that, right? So: before you start a long-term collaboration with an influencer, it’s best to take a look at their content with these 5 characteristics of high-performing influencer content in your head. Does the influencer score well on most, or even all 5, characteristics? Then you certainly have a good relationship ahead. Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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