It is always an exciting moment … As an online marketing specialist with multiple websites in your portfolio, your heart will undoubtedly beat faster: the dreaded – or rather celebrated – Google Core updates! At the end of September 2019, Google announced a new core update that same day. What are the consequences of this and what opportunities does it offer your organization or websites? We asked 10 experts for their opinion and the best advice to respond to future core updates. Content: What is the September 2019 Google Core update? How important is the September update? What did the experts and / or their customers notice about the update? 6 tips to respond to the September core update Conclusion Do you see a sudden but inexplicable decrease or increase in your visitor statistics since the end of September / beginning of October 2019? Then there is a good chance that you are dealing with the effects of the Google Core update. And that makes everyone think … how important is the September update anyway? What do you notice in practice? And perhaps more importantly: how do you respond to core updates in a smart way? Source: Techwyse Reason enough to ask 10 marketing experts about their knowledge and opinion about the Google Core update of September 2019. What do they notice from the most recent update? And what do you have to do, but especially not before Google rolls out the next core update? Which marketing strategy works to maintain or strengthen your position? We called in the help of marketing experts Christiaan Slierendrecht ( JijOnline ), Patrick Petersen ( AtMost ), Frans Jan Boon ( Add to Friends ), Nils van der Knaap ( Sky Internet Marketing ), Steven van Vessum ( ContentKing ), Romano Groenewoud ( SEOgeek) ), Pierre Vanderfeesten ( Festiviter ), Jean-Paul Klerks ( Online Marketing Hero ), Nathan Korfker ( Blue Monsters ) and Edwin Vlems ( MCB ). Together these experts give their opinion and state their experience with the Google Core update of September 2019. In this expert round-up you learn their best practices to ensure that you score better next time. Use it to your advantage! What is the September 2019 Google Core update? Google is constantly updating their search algorithm. That even happens daily. In this way, Google shows the best possible results for their users. As online marketers have of course already known, these daily updates cause small shifts. They usually have little effect on the findability of sites. A completely different story is the so-called ‘Google Core updates’. These core updates have a much greater impact on the search results. They even cause sites to hit much higher, or even lower, in one fell swoop. And because visitor numbers are often directly linked to sales, advertising revenues and sales, a fall or rise in the ranking can have major consequences. Interesting to dive deeper, so! The impact of the core update was for my site A Google Core update every three months In recent years, Google is rolling out a huge update about every three months, which has a major impact on search results. Your site – or that of your customers – can just disappear from the first page. Or appear much higher in the results. And that has consequences. Positive, and sometimes negative (but as Cruijff said: ‘every disadvantage has its advantage’). Often Google only announces that it will be rolled out on the day of the update. On 24 September, for example, Google announced that it would implement the September 2019 core update the same day. Reading tip: What can you do after the ‘June core update’? Google gives advice! How important is the September update? Most experts agree on this. The Google Core update of September 2019 has an average impact. Certainly compared to previous updates that have taken place this year, the changes in rankings are minimal. Christiaan Slierendrecht confirms this: “It is always a matter of waiting, but so far the impact seems to be ‘average’. There have been updates with more impact than these, but there will undoubtedly be new elements that bring the algorithm ‘up to date’. The change in rankings seems to be higher in certain industries such as news, sports and entertainment. But we do see that pattern more often, because the content in these categories is often more volatile and less in-depth than in other branches. ” Nils van der Knaap also sees that the September update is less conspicuous than the core update of June and the June update. “Medic” update in August 2018. Steven van Vessum sees the September update as positive for many sites that have lost a lot in the core updates: “I see that as a correction to the previous update.” “The September core update? A small change of course for Google. Something to adjust. ”- Romano Groenewoud Both Romano Groenewoud and Pierre Vanderfeesten join in this. Romano: “I suspect that this September 2019 update is a small change of course for Google, somewhat to adjust. Relatively speaking, it has less impact than previous updates, such as the August 1, 2018 “Medic” update. Pierre Vanderfeesten reports that there were indeed core updates, after which the number of visitors to certain websites collapsed by as much as 70%. “In comparison with Google’s previous core updates, the impact seems to be better than expected. As always there are winners and losers, but I have not yet come across parties that have received 15% more or fewer visitors as a result of the update, “said Pierre. You do not have to worry about major differences in your website statistics with the September Google Core Update. Source: Pixabay Steven van Vessum expects that this core update will have little impact for most sites, but does indicate: “On sites in the” Your Money or Your Life “niche and specifically also on news sites, an impact can indeed be observed.” And there it becomes interesting. Because Nils van der Knaap sees that the September core update mainly seems to be tackling certain ‘black hat’ link building: “There are reports of declines at sites that bought up irrelevant domains and linked them to their own site (the expired domains tactics). ). Other link schemes such as ‘private blog networks’ may also be better detected. ” Steven van Vessum’s tip : read the Sistrix blog about the September update. Real impact only visible in the coming weeks Jean-Paul Klerks is still a bit of a blow, because: “Although the impact seems to be not so bad compared to the Google Core Update in June, I do expect that we will notice the actual impact in the coming weeks. “Just wait, so. “Leave the cat-and-mouse game with Google to others and focus on transparency and answering questions.” Edwin Vlems Expert Edwin Vlems does not value the Google Core updates at all and is of the opinion that for every update it is unimportant: “If you do not stand in front of the viewfinder but next to it, Google will move towards you automatically. Leave the cat and mouse game with Google to others and focus on transparency and answering questions. ”And to be honest, there is something to be said for that. TIP: Always up to date with Google Core updates? Romano Groenewoud gives us a few valuable tips to quickly become aware of the consequences of Google Core updates. He recommends following Marie Haynes ( @Marie_Haynes ) and Glenn Gabe ( @GlennGabe ). These are the people he looks at the most with updates like this, at least as far as North America is concerned. “Glenn Gabe (@GlennGabe) recently reported that a number of health websites are making slight progress. These have had to endure a lot in recent years with this kind of updates. Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) also reports the same, “says Romano . Nathan Korfker adds that monitoring the update is the most important thing: “An update from Google is always important to keep an eye on. You can’t actually do anything in advance, so you always have to wait and see what happens exactly. ” What did the experts and / or their customers of the September Google Core update notice? Most experts see slightly positive results in the first few weeks after Google’s September core update, although they agree that they cannot yet draw real conclusions in the short term. Christiaan Slierendrecht especially notices that truly unique content (so no, no 13-in-the-dozen articles) that helps the reader or viewer to solve a task or problem, comes up better. Patrick Petersen sees that the massive fall in rankings from the beginning of this year is recovering somewhat due to the September update. According to Patrick, this is mainly due to a stricter assessment of the reputation of the content creators. Pierre Vanderfeesten adds: “Google made a choice years ago to reward high-quality content. This update contributes to that. We see that the web pages that are complete and unique are rewarded for this. Exactly as it should be, so! ” High-quality content? Google rewards you! Source: Pixabay Steven van Vessum indicates that his sites have benefited from the September core update. “I see varying results for other websites; one website benefits and the other loses something. ” Steven also mentions some striking examples: The organic visibility of has decreased considerably in recent years. This has increased considerably due to the September core update (but is still far from the visibility it had before the June update) : organic visibility has also increased considerably for this site, but just like it is not back to the old level. Nathan Korfker notes, just like Steven , that customers in the ‘health sector’ are relatively the most affected again. “In retrospect, this was somewhat reversed, which happens often. So it remains to be seen whether that is also the case with the September core update, “says Nathan. “We see that the web pages that are complete and unique are rewarded for this. Exactly as it should be, so! ” Pierre Vander parties Experts Edwin Vlems , Frans Jan Boon , Nils van der Knaap and Jean-Paul Klerks see no deviating increases or decreases, or even no effect at all. Edwin Vlems emphasizes that he always focuses on transparency and answering questions: “The seeker is always central. What does it like and what does it irritate? SEO is based on that, it is not – as often thought – “Google law.” SEO is always based on the searcher’s questions and answering them. Source: Pixabay 6 tips to respond to the September core update Continue to insist on creating the best possible content Focus not only on content, but also on usability and performance Keep monitoring and ensure good reports Avoid black hat link building Implement a good SEO strategy: focus on the big picture Work on expertise, authority and trust (EAT) 1. Keep stressing on creating the best possible content Christiaan Slierendrecht experiences that Google continues to insist on creating the best possible content that you can create: “I am happy to agree with that. In addition, I believe that Google content that is longer, deeper and more unique than the average piece of content will always value in the end. But other SEO developments, such as deepening topics with the help of ‘Pilar pages’, are also in line with this. Google seems to have taken a path that will deal with 13-in-the-dozen content. ” Patrick Petersen adds: Work on high-quality content, as stated in Google’s guidelines. 2. Don’t just focus on content In addition, Christiaan Slierendrecht advises not to fall into the trap of focusing solely on your content. “The user interface, usability and website performance (such as loading time) all influence the extent to which content can be consumed and therefore also determines to what extent content is relevant for a consumer at a certain moment. So make sure that the technology and the user experience are completely in order. Otherwise you can leak away a lot of time, money and energy in content creation, but you will not achieve the result that you have in mind. And that’s a shame. ” 3. Keep monitoring and ensure good reports Frans Jan Boon advises to properly monitor rankings, click-through rates, traffic and conversion. “Provide good on-going reports and analyzes, so that you immediately know where to do in the event of declines. Focus on keywords and rankings that convert. ” Nathan Korfker also agrees:“ Continue to monitor constantly. Do not take immediate action if something happens, because often something is reversed after a few days. Often it is also not immediately clear what the cause is. ” “Do not take immediate action if something happens, because often something is reversed after a few days.” Nathan Korfker 4. Avoid “black hat” link building Nils van der Knaap notices that Google is increasingly tackling “black hat” link building : “If your site does not have many such links, there is little to fear. Links remain important, but Google knows better and better which links are “real” and which are artificial. ” Blackhat link building: not a good idea according to Google! Source: Pixabay Jean-Paul Klerks also mentions backlinks as a hot topic within SEO: “Many websites still have purchased backlinks. In general, these backlinks are not particularly relevant to the website and they have a high spam score. Google has been stuck through this for a long time. These backlinks have become less effective in recent years, but were still tolerated. I expect that this will change soon. In the sense that the backlinks with a lot of spam lead to poorer SEO results. I therefore advise website owners to take a good look at the quality of their backlinks. And if this is not good, definitely take action. ” Whether there is a tip to get good backlinks? Jean-Paul Klerks : “Certainly! A good way to get good backlinks is, for example, by guest blogging on industry-related websites with high authority. Tip: A free tool on which you can view your backlinks (100 maximum) is: Patrick Petersen also advises to be even more critical of (in) links to your content. “For example, make more use of rich snippets to make the quality and appreciation of your content for the search engine faster and more transparent.” Reading tip: 8 safe ways to get better links to your site. 5. Implement a good SEO strategy: focus on the big picture Steven van Vessum believes that you should not respond to updates, but should pursue a good SEO strategy and stick to it: “Responding to updates sounds like panic, and you should always avoid that as much as possible. Focus on the bigger picture and keep an eye on the important trends. ” The most important trends in a nutshell, according to Steven: Make sure search engines and users find your content easily. Make sure search engines and users understand your content easily. Continue to work on your authority and expertise. “Responding to updates sounds like panic football, and you should always avoid that as much as possible.” Steven van Vessum Reading tip: The 29 SEO Trends of 2019 6. Work on expertise, authority and trust (EAT) Romano Groenewoud : “What these updates include is mainly EAT, which stands for expertise, authority, trust. Google wants to show sites that score well in those three areas. Google does not want websites to come up in search results that contradict generally accepted knowledge or with alternative suggestions for which there is no strong evidence. Work on expertise (E) Romano gives us two practical tips to work on expertise: “Let experts take care of the content. Preferably someone who has years of practical experience with the subject he or she is writing about. Preferably by someone with talent for the written word. ” Tip: don’t you have content experts at your disposal? You can also easily outsource your content online. Place a test assignment Work on more authority (A) Make sure you attract parties and receive recommendations from parties that matter in your niche or field. As a food blogger, for example, it is a ‘win’ when Nutrition Center refers to one of your articles. As a content maker, there is almost nothing to be more proud of than references from other authoritative sites. Strive for such qualitative references to increase your own ‘authority’. Working on trust (T) “Trust” means that you share content that contradicts generally accepted facts. The lowest website quality rating is given by Google to sites that intentionally distribute conspiracy theories or other demonstrably incorrect content. Have a good reputation. For web stores and service providers it is especially important what customers say about them, such as in ” Google My Business ” or platforms such as Trustpilot , Kiyoh and Feedbackcompany . Other practical tips for more ‘trust’ are, according to Romano : Quote well and with a correct reference to the source Provide an extensive ‘about us’ page where you can read why you are the right person to share content on a certain subject. Reading tip: Simple SEO step-by-step plan [MKB Online benchmark 2018] Conclusion Christiaan Slierendrecht finds it a logical evolutionary step when Google becomes even better at recognizing and appreciating content that really helps people in their search. Patrick Petersen advises to also focus on what Google’s Search Console recommends and to use Voice search. Nathan Korfker summarizes everything nicely: “Make sure that you remain relevant and work on the quality of your SEO. Both on-page and off-page it is important that you go for quality and relevance. Write good quality texts, make sure your technique is in order and make sure that you build up authority through qualitative referring links to your website. In other words: links that really add value to your website. If you use these 3 pillars (content, technology and authority) well, you don’t have to be afraid of an update from Google! ” “As long as you produce content that scores on expertise, authority and reliability, Google will reward you with good rankings. Now and in the future.” Pierre Vander parties Top quality SEO texts? Work with CopyRobin. Place a test assignment Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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