You want to have a well thought out strategy on the various social media channels to blow over all your potential customers with your product. Below we explain in 3 steps how you do that. Haha, no that would be nice, it is not that easy. Each individual company must make its own unique strategy in which brand identity is expressed as well as possible. In this article we will discuss how you can use a good mix of organic and sponsored messages to make your strategy a success. Paid messages: Source: Pixabay Sponsored messages have (unfortunately) become an important part of social media. Most people who manage a business page have sometimes pressed the ‘promote’ button to get extra engagement or reach on a well-performing message. In addition, there are of course many more options to advertise from your advertising account. Reactions to an event, generating leads or targeting a look a like target group are just a random selection from the total package of choices. Whether you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or even TikTok. Each platform has its own unique strategy to build followers or create engagement. On the one hand, it is a shame that pure organic growth is almost no longer possible, but on the other hand, it is nice that it is easy to get paid to reach your target group. Organic growth is not necessarily better, but often paid a lot faster. The days that only organic messages were used to reach your target group are definitely behind us. And as a final point for paid advertising. The data! Sorry, I always get a little enthusiastic about everything that you can measure and set up the moment you start paying on a social media platform. Now you get a lot of statistics from your organic messages, but not as extensive as with paid messages. What time, where and on which device your ad was viewed are just a few of the (yes, no idea how much exactly) data points you can use. Advertising on Facebook gives endless new insights. And yes, you want to know that as an advertiser. Reading tip: The 21 social media trends for 2019 Organic messages Let us first state the greatest benefit of organic messages. They are free ! Every message that is posted without putting money on it is called organic messages. Organic messages are therefore dependent on commitment to the post to reach more than just the followers of your page. (or only a percentage thereof). There are some ways to make the algorithm work to your advantage. Consider the time of posting and responding actively to responses. This may increase the range slightly, but you remain largely dependent on triggering original content. The most important lesson from organic posting is: Consistency. Whether you post daily, weekly or monthly, make sure you do it consistently and with a purpose. Your followers know where they stand at a given moment and also for new followers it is clear what you want with your page. And last but not least. A constant stream of messages will ultimately label your brand as legitimate or authority. This can be a time-consuming job that you may not notice at the beginning. But building relationships with your clientele is ultimately a valuable thing where it is difficult to put a price on. And last (very personal) point. I sincerely believe that messages that you see organically from another page, which does not include the word “sponsored,” represent more news value and also have a higher response rate than sponsored messages. Please note, I am not talking about, for example, bringing in leads or something similar, but purely about organic engagement. Conclusion Source: Pixabay I already indicated it at the beginning. A strong strategy uses both ways. Of course you can only opt for one or the other strategy, but use the strengths of both options. Use organic messages to show the personality and values ​​of your brand. Organic posting is also an ideal way to, for example, respond to current events. Use paid advertisements to increase your audience or to promote a specific product. Tip: post certain promotions organically and when promoting (read: paid advertising) promotions that you exclude followers from your page. That way you won’t get any overkill or advertising fatigue from your loyal followers. Paid advertising often goes together with testing, but testing also costs money. Use organic messages to measure reactions with your target group. Free and for a lot of info. If you want to reach many people in one go, then advertising is the right choice. But keep it organic to cultivate social interaction with your target group. Keep up with social media? CopyRobin helps. Try now for free Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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