The best investment I have made in the last 20 years is this blog. It now delivers a constant flow of leads and the customers that emerge are a better match than ever before. However, there is a major disadvantage: Blogging takes a lot of time and requires a lot of discipline. I have noticed this especially in recent months, because I suddenly spend a lot of extra time on my parents’ informal care. That is why I started looking for solutions to continue my blog, even though I have less time for it. For example, I now work a lot with guest bloggers , I get support from my team and I sometimes recycle older articles (like now). But I get the greatest time savings from outsourcing the writing to professional copywriters . I can therefore well imagine that many entrepreneurs and marketers, despite knowing that it works, still start blogging. After all, writing is not for everyone. After all, writing is not for everyone. While one with great pleasure publishes blog post after blog post, another has the greatest difficulty writing even a few sentences. Blogging works You know that a blog is a good idea for your organization. Because you are aware that blogging organizations are reaping the benefits. And those fruits are not small: More visitors. Every time you publish a blog post, Google has another page to index. And every time someone shares your blog post via social media, that increases the reach of your website. More leads. Every blog post is an opportunity to turn visitors into leads. Add a clear ‘call-to-action’ to every post and the flow of leads will grow steadily as you publish more articles. More respect. By sharing your expertise with your audience, you will naturally become increasingly regarded as an authority in your field. And more respect as an authority translates into more and especially better customers and less price pressure. More continuity. A blog is a gift that keeps on giving. Pages that rank well once in Google often continue to attract visitors for years to come. A blog is therefore an excellent in-depth investment. Outsourcing is not a shame The purpose of a blog is not to show how well you can write. It is about sharing your specific knowledge and vision with your target group. The goal is to efficiently and professionally translate what is in your head and in the minds of your colleagues into a readable blog. It is about sharing your specific knowledge and vision with your target group. Just as you really outsource photography and videos to professionals, you can do the same with writing your blog articles. That’s no shame at all. On the contrary. If you have your special knowledge and insights expressed professionally, you can only help your target group with it. Blog outsourcing? Try CopyRobin. Place a free test assignment now How can I outsource my blog? Many organizations choose to outsource writing a blog internally to a colleague with a good pen. A common mistake is to see blogging as a side activity. As a result, these well-meaning employees quickly become overburdened and before you know it, your most recent blog post is already 5 months old. Fortunately, there are several ways to outsource the writing of your blog to professionals: Use a text agency There are many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of smaller and larger text bureaus in the Netherlands. Some are generalists. Others specialize in a specific industry. Just like you hire an advertising agency or design studio for a new corporate identity, you can hire a text agency for your blog. The advantage is that you usually get a good job done. But that usually has a hefty price tag. A price tag that might make it impossible to publish new blogs on a regular basis. It is not easy to find the best. Work with freelancers There are many thousands of freelance writers active who offer themselves through websites such as Upwork and Hoofdkraan . The advantage of freelancers is that they are often a lot cheaper than a text agency and you can build a close bond with them. The disadvantage, however, is that it is difficult for many clients to determine whether a freelancer is really good. It is not easy to find the best. Managing freelancers on a project basis can also be quite time-consuming and messy. And then we are not even talking about the bureaucracy and risks surrounding the (tax) regulations (from VAR to model agreement and the DBA to client statement ). Hire writers When you get serious with a company blog, it may be a good idea to hire writers. Your own writer understands your brand values, tone & voice , service or product and target group like no other. That saves you a lot of time compiling briefings such as at a text agency or a freelancer. The disadvantage of permanent writers is that it is difficult to scale up or down. And for many writers it is mind-numbing to always have to write about the same subject. This can be at the expense of creativity and motivation. Reading tip : This is how you make the perfect briefing for a copywriter Use an online service An online service such as Textbroker or of course CopyRobin is: significantly cheaper than a text agency, more efficient than a freelancer and more scalable than a permanent writer. There are also disadvantages to working with an online service. The responsibility for success thus explicitly lies with you as a client. Input is output. So a bad briefing usually results in a bad text. Now at CopyRobin we have considerably perfected the briefing process, but even with the best process the following applies: rubbish in = rubbish out. All our assignments are also checked by a proofreader. We check the spelling, but also look at the briefing, language & tone and – if applicable – the search engine optimization (SEO). What should I continue to do myself? Whatever form of outsourcing you choose, the writers will never know your business as well as you do. You and your colleagues have the necessary professional knowledge and insights. You have direct customer contact. You understand the target group and know the objectives of your organization best. Choose a strategy That is why it is better to formulate your content strategy yourself. If that goes well, an editorial calendar will also follow from that content strategy. That helps enormously with the regular publication of new, valuable blog posts. Also don’t forget to link a realistic budget to the content strategy. A budget that is feasible, also for the longer term. That is important, because you have to keep blogging for a long time to achieve optimum results. Acquire knowledge You can also better acquire the knowledge within your organization yourself. This way you can not only come up with the right blog topics, but also prepare good briefings. In an earlier blog post we provide advice on how to brief designers in the right way. Many of these tips also apply to the proper briefing of writers. Promote your blog Content marketing expert Joe Pulizi applies the 80/20 rule on content marketing. In other words: 20 percent content creation and 80 percent content promotion. I personally find this a bit exaggerated, but the fact remains that only publishing your blog is not enough. You will also have to promote your blog. Think of: Build mailing list Social media organic Social media paid Influencers / ambassadors Own employees Events Traditional media Etc. You can do this well with the time that is released by outsourcing writing. Do you want help with formulating your content strategy? Take your next step with content marketing? Want to know more about what you can do to promote your blog? Then sign up for our round table sessions ! Together with my colleague Wilco Verdoold, we provide a free round table session about copywriting and content marketing at our office in Mijdrecht every month. Conclusion Blogging is a strong marketing tool for many companies. Certainly B2B too. It provides your organization with more visitors, leads, prestige and continuity. Outsourcing blogging is no shame. After all, the purpose of your blog is to efficiently and professionally translate what is in your head and in the minds of your colleagues into a readable blog. You can outsource the writing of blog articles to a text agency, a freelance writer, hire someone for it, or engage an online service such as CopyRobin . They all have their pros and cons. Which solution fits best with your organization depends on your needs and budget. It is better to keep doing certain things yourself. Namely: determining your content strategy, acquiring the knowledge and promoting your blog. 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